Green Built Consultants [GBC] is dedicated to making a difference in the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants.

Ricky Cappe founded his Los Angeles-based professional consulting firm in 1999 on the belief that we can collectively make a real
difference by positively influencing the ways our communities and living environments are designed and maintained.

Incorporating resource efficiencies, innovative cutting-edge
technologies, and alternative materials, GBC provides consultation services for building and construction projects, transportation, food generation, water quality, purchasing patterns, air quality, resource efficiencies and any other action we take as individuals – all carried out with sustainability as the driving force.

With the ability to customize detailed packages designed to address the needs unique to each family or business, Green Built
Consultants guides clients in determining how they can reconcile their living and operating standards with their earth-conscious goals so that they are lessening their ecological footprint while improving their living and working environments.

Residence or commercial, inside or out, the goal at Green Built
Consultants is to inform you of your choices, so we can all make our own unique difference.