Ricky Cappe founded this professional consulting firm in 1999
on the belief that we can collectively make a real difference by
positively influencing the ways our communities and living
environments are designed and maintained.

With the ability to customize detailed packages designed to address the needs unique to each family or business, Green Built
guides clients in determining how they can reconcile their living and operating standards with their earth-conscious goals so that they are lessening their ecological footprint while improving their living and working environments.

When it comes to building and renovation, there are thousands of options under consideration. Every construction project consists of a number of cooperative systems, made up of components and
materials – each impacting the world in a different way. Through our bottom-up approach based on years of experience, we’ll help you
efficiently use resources, achieve your design vision, and honor the health and well-being of your family and natural environment.

From finding the ideal build site (or warning against sites that can be problematic) to selecting the right builder, to consulting on design optimization and material selection, we help to address the
questions before they arise, so that if they do, you are ready and prepared to make an informed decision.

Contact us for your next project:  info@greenbuiltconsultants.com


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