Change can be difficult – especially in the world of sustainability. There are so many choices and varying degrees of environmental impact for each decision we make, that the options can seem

Fortunately, at Green Built Consultants, we have made it our goal to understand your needs, analyze your potential choices, and deliver your best option in a simple and clear manner. We want to help you make your project as sustainable and intentional as possible.

For example, when it comes to building and renovation, there are thousands of options under consideration. Every construction project consists of a number of cooperative systems, made up of components and materials – each impacting the world in a different way. Through our bottom-up approach based on years of
experience, we’ll help you efficiently use resources, achieve your
design vision, and honor the health and well-being of your family and natural environment.

From finding the ideal build site (or warning against sites that can be problematic) to selecting the right builder, to consulting on design optimization and material selection, we help to address the
questions before they arise, so that if they do, you are ready and prepared to make an informed decision.

Because so much of what we do is impacted by community action, the creation of a GBC Blog will help us all come together and make a significant positive difference.