The Need for Sustainable Building

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As we look to the future, we find ourselves in challenging times.
No one would question that. As we continue to develop, build,
renovate, and carve out new spaces in order to accommodate
our growing population, we acknowledge the need to be
environmentally wise in relationship to the construction and
operation of our homes and buildings. Whether in an off-grid
location or the middle of a city block, there are a number of
considerations that should be addressed before design of any
kind takes place.

Why is that?

Once a structure is defined, it is difficult and expensive to
accommodate features that might lead the process to a more
eco-conscious conclusion. The more research and consideration
we take in defining our future living environment before we break
ground or knock down walls, the more successful and gratifying
the end result.

In the coming snippets of ideas, I will delve a bit deeper into the
features and factors that make one’s construction journey an
informed, responsible, and engaging one. Detailed subjects will
include the importance of water conservation and purification,
waste generation, energy efficiencies, toxicity in materials and
other sources, the carbon footprint factor, affordability, material
selection, and more.

The bottom line is that the more factors we take into consideration
during the planning stages, the more intentional our final structure
will be. When all potential options are explored, an informed
decision process, along with a healthy, sustainable, efficient
building, will result. In the long term, this approach will lead to a
healthier environment and healthier inhabitants of our Earth.



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